Saturday, May 26, 2012


So Facebook has seriously changed my perspective on blogging. I feel like everyone knows whats going on in my life because of Facebook, but I forget how much more intimate and detailed I can be on my own blog. ALOT, has happened since I posted last. Paul got a new job with a law firm in Newport Beach, CA. His office overlooks the ocean and on a clear day he can see Catalina Island. It is truly beautiful. He mostly works from Utah and travels to California when he is needed in person. He spent all of July, 2 weeks in August, Sept, and Oct. It is sometimes hard to be home alone without Paul, but somehow it has made us really appreciate each other more. Hopefully we won't have to do the traveling much longer. We would like to make a permanent move to California after the holidays. Good-bye SNOW, hello SUN.

Tate is 4 and has started preschool 3 days a week. He has grown up so much in the last few months and is the funniest kid ever. He cracks me up on a daily basis. He loves to play with friends. It doesn't matter where we are, if he sees a kid he will run up to them, ask them their name, and start playing. Its all about having fun for Tate.

Later year

Found this draft waiting to be finished and published but I never got around to it.  Well here it goes.  Yes we are still in Saratoga Springs!  A lot of our neighbors have moved away and things are much quieter on our street than they used to be.  Its been hard not having as many friends around, but I am reminded everyday how blessed we are to have a great job and healthy kids.  Paul is still with Call Jensen in California, but is working at home in the makeshift office/basement/playroom/storage area.  One day I promise to give him a beautifully peaceful office at home.  I saw a painting of Abraham Lincoln the other day and I really wanted to spend $5000 and get it for him, and then I snapped back to reality!  Someday.

Tate is now 5 and just graduated from Learning Dynamics Preschool where his teacher was Mrs. Smart.  He learned so much this year!  He can write all of his letters and knows their sounds.  He has started reading and even does a little math.  I can't believe his progress, I think he may be a little bored next year in Kindergarten.  His love of friends hasn't changed.  Everyone in his class loved him.  He amazes me at how effortless making friends is to him.  There is never any judgement from Tate.  If you are breathing, you can be Tate's best friend!  I love it.

Gweneth Elaine is now 2 years old and in august will be 3....seriously??  Wow.  I can't believe we ever functioned with out our little monkey.  She finds joy in EVERYTHING!!  From the day she was born, she had a smile on her face.  Gwen loves to play with Tate.  Her favorite things to eat are fruit snacks, yogurt with fresh berries, and hotcakes from McDonalds.  She is my little shadow and is perfectly content following me around the house helping with chores (folding laundry is her favorite).  She has the funniest high pitched voice that sounds like she has sucked helium.  She calls Tate (my Tate) and loves to talk to anyone who will listen, especially strangers at the grocery store.  She is 21 pounds of pure joy.  Whoever said "big things come in small packages," must have been talking about our Gwenie.

I love my children and husband, and try everyday to think of ways to make them happy.  Life is good.

(A friend commented on this photo saying, "that's what heaven must look like".  I would have to agree)


Jill said...

Hey Natalie, I just started blogging again. So much harder then facebook, but so much more important. I want to remember all the little funny mannerisms and comments my kiddos make on a daily basis! Glad to see your updating too. Love your beautiful family!

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